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desember 28, 2018

Why do some men use fake profiles?


You have to be careful, because some men create fake profiles on dating sites to hit on women or worse. Some tips on how to identify a fake profile.

desember 03, 2018

How to enjoy casual sex


Not everyone looks for serious relationships online, and there's no problem in wanting just a sex partner.

november 07, 2018

How to create a profile that attracts men


If getting new friends is difficult, finding your soulmate by browsing through internet sites can be even more complicated. However, he situation is easier to resolve than you think.

oktober 10, 2018

Tips for men: Mistakes you make with your photos


Guys believe that just taking photos, filling it with filters and posting them is enough to impress a girl. Here are some tips for all men who make these mistakes

What types of men online women like most?


Who has never been seduced by beautiful phrases? Or received a bad pick-up line? All their lives, women were targeted for the conquest of the most varied types of men.

It's impossible to please everyone


Many people don’t realize it, but they have a need to always please everyone, which makes them make decisions thinking about the approval of others and not their real convictions.

Is it possible to trust someone on the internet?


Trust in the relationship, as we know, is crucial for any couple. Many relationships break down because of trust issues.

How to get a man's attention online


Following these tips will make him crazy for you!

He asked for nudes. Now what?


If the boy you met on the internet asked for nudes, know what to do by taking a look in today's post!

Am I exclusive or a second option?


In the online world, where we talk to so many people, sometimes it's difficult to know if you're the only person with whom the other is having a relationship.

oktober 24, 2017

Can you make real friends over the internet?


Many people say that the internet is killing true feelings. Is it true that nothing is real on the internet, not even friendships?

september 20, 2017

All we need is less


Girls traveling alone don't feel restless wanting to share everything with someone. They are self-sufficient, not rebellious. There's nothing wrong with that, but it seems to bother a lot of people.

There's no problem in having sex without love


We are afraid to say that sometimes we don't want love, we just want to have sex. We just want to f**k! Is that a crime?

Single? Yes. Alone? Never!


"Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone." Paul Tillich.

Online dating adventures through Europe - Part 1


My trip to Europe is ending and everything was amazing, thanks to the internet and the dating website. Thank you for coming to meet me, guys!

desember 30, 2016

Scheduling dates during a trip


Taking the plane alone doesn't mean being without company on your trip. After all, today there are many tools and apps that bring the traveler closer to cool people.

desember 25, 2016

A backpack on the back and the road ahead


There are many reasons why we love traveling. But I have an specific and very important reason why I love this so much. And this reason is: when I travel, I am exactly who I want to be.

november 28, 2016

A flood of relationship sites


Nowadays we have so many options for websites and online relationships apps that we don't even know where to start. How to choose one?

november 25, 2016

What calms you down? Taking risks.


"You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination." (Roman Payne)

november 11, 2016

Love online is possible, just know where to look


We live in a world connected by technology, and something that seemed impossible once is within the reach of a click these days, so why not try it?

september 15, 2016

Need a Soulmate? Online Dating is Perfect For You


Sure, you entered into marriage believing in a Happily Ever After. Now your mind is mapping out the shortest way to the liquor store and the past few years are having a gleeful back to back marathon in the theatre that is your mind.

september 08, 2016

Why You Can Look For Love On The Net


A lot of people believe that online dating sites are anything but a place where you might find someone very special. Read on for all the reasons that statement does not even come near the truth.

september 01, 2016

The Bare Truth Why You Must Try Online Dating


Online dating is not just something that could help you find that certain someone. There are tons of other things that you benefit from by trying it out.

What May Scare Us About Online Dating


There are so many things that go through our heads when we score a date, or try to. Read on for everything that we think could go wrong (and may go wrong) when we date someone online.

Why Some People Feel Wrong About Online Dating


Online dating is at an all-time high. So many people have found that special someone through these sites. Today, I have taken upon me to debunk all those myths that might be coming in the way of your online dating journey.

Seniors - Conquer The Online Dating Sites!


Back in the day, you probably met Mr. or Mrs. Right face to face and you judged them like you would a book. However, times have changed, and you can now easily find the one online.

My Private Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating


Find out everything I have learnt from my time dating online, and the things I wish I had done differently.

How to Turn a Loss into a Win When Dating Online


Find out all the things that lead an online dating venture into impending doom, and the ways you can prevent that.

Why Should You Look for Love Online


I've heard negativity attached with the term online dating - but it just doesn’t make sense. There are so many advantages of online dating, and I highly recommend it to people. Want to know what my reasons are? Read the following article and find out.